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Tibetan Quartz


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The Tibetan-Black-Quartz can be found in the Himalayan Mountains.
It’s considered one of the most sacred locations in the world. Any crystal that comes from such a holy or spiritual place will have very high vibrations!
It is said that because of the high altitudes, only Tibetan monks are able to mine for these crystals using their hands because the mountains are not easily accessible by machinery!

The Tibetan-Black-Quartz is among the most powerful protection crystals on earth.

It will defend you from any kind of psychic attack, and it will keep you away from harm on physical and psychic levels.

Tibetan Black Quartz, a member of the Quartz family found in the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Nepal. Contrary to its name this Quartz is not actually black but contains inclusions of black material within it that create many beautiful veils and layers within the clear Quartz. The depths and layers within this Quartz remind us of the many dimensions of our reality and consciousness, encouraging us to embrace an expanded awareness and union with all that is.

Tibetan Black Quartz is an excellent stone for meditation and spiritual work as it supports the expansion and raising of consciousness, while actively grounding these higher frequency energies into reality. It is also a powerful yet gentle healer, supporting the release of negative mental and emotional patterns. This crystal resonates with all the chakras, quickly purifying and aligning them, but has a special affinity with the Crown, Third Eye and Heart Chakras, expanding them and increasing the connection to the higher frequencies of Love and Light.
Tibetan Black Quartz supports us in connecting to the positive frequencies of Light and Love, illuminating all that we experience and bringing through deeper understanding. It helps us to remain centered in Love and Light, integrating these frequencies and expressing them in our daily lives. This crystal helps us to retain balance within body, mind and emotions through a connection to the higher spiritual awareness available to us. Tibetan Black Quartz is a stone of pure Love, Light and Higher Spiritual Awareness.

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