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Yellow Calcite Prosperity Bowl With 8 pieces money bars/golden ingots

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Yellow Calcite Prosperity Bowl
With 8 pieces money bars/golden ingots

In classical Feng Shui, gold ingots are excellent symbols for attracting wealth, prosperity and success. Also known as ‘Sycee’ or ‘Yuanbao’, the boat-shaped ingots existed as ancient Chinese currency owned by emperors and high-ranking officials.

They continue to be displayed at homes, offices and shops even today during the Chinese New Year as a sign of good fortune. Designed in a unique way to emit wealth chi, gold ingots are also available as gold bullion or bars. They could be used to create a wealth vase or as a Feng Shui application to invite wealth luck.

The Southeast corner is known as the Wealth corner (Feng Shui Bagua Theory), and so placing gold ingots in this sector of your living room, office or work area will attract wealth luck.

When placing gold ingots at your main entrance, make sure one can view them when they enter the home. This will allow the flow of good chi through main entry points in your premise.

To draw the attention of more customers and increase your income opportunities, displaying gold ingots at the front counter or cash register of your store is said to help.

Because gold ingots have the ability to constantly remind the mind of money-making occasions, tycoons and businessmen must keep them in a near vicinity at all times.

Place gold ingots in any wealth ships or vases that you keep around your home, to add to the effect and create additional affluence luck

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