5D Healing Crystals

Yin Yang Ring


The Yin and Yang symbol reminds us that everything in life contains two opposites, and to maintain balance, we need to find a way to work harmoniously with both sides. Yin-yang is also a metaphor for the different aspects of our personalities. We all have a light side and a dark side, and it's important to find a way to balance both.

Yin and yang (or 陰 and 陽 in traditional Chinese characters) is a reminder that nothing in life is ever truly black or white, and there will always be a gray area. The "s curve" of the yin-yang symbolizes how yin and yang's complementary forces are inter-connected and continuously "ebbing and flowing" into one another. When yang swells at the top of the circle, yin contracts, and when yin swells at the bottom of the circle, yang contracts.

Yin and yang, yinyang, or yin-yang is a Chinese philosophical concept that describes opposite but interconnected forces. In Chinese cosmology, the universe creates itself out of a primary chaos of material energy, organized into the cycles of yin and yang and formed into objects and lives.

The yin, the dark swirl, is associated with shadows, femininity, and the trough of a wave; the yang, the light swirl, represents brightness, passion and growth.

The principal of yin and yang shows that opposing forces are invaluable — each needs the other to coexist. When you align yourself with another person and invite them into your orbit, it's a meaningful two-sided gift.



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