5D Healing Crystals






Zeusite is an ultra rare form of blue chalcedony roses which are only found at one mine in the whole world! These roses are formed in volcanic rock yet appear as sand that has been struck by lightning and fused together as though Zeus himself formed them. These make amazing jewelry and are a must have for any wire wrapper! We highly recommend these for anyone in the metaphysical realm as the energy from these is truly amazing. The pictures cannot do these justice to show the microcrystalline structure that is unique to each piece.

Zeusite has the characteristics of blue chalcedony in that it used for balancing the body, mind, emotions and spirit. It encourages one to feel a sense of harmony with all and the desire to be generous, joyful, and remove all negative emotions. Zeusite has the added ability to not only assist in thought transmission and telepathy but it has an extra spark to it giving the wearer an amplified version of the regular blue Chalcedony.

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